Edmonton's 80 Storey Tower Approved

Edmonton's 80 Storey Tower Approved

We are honoured and thrilled to announce that Alldritt Land Corporation's proposed 80 Storey Tower was approved by Edmonton City Council last week at public hearing. 

A dedication to the first settlers and all those from around the world who chose Edmonton to make their mark, the directive of this project from the beginning was to design an iconic tower honouring the legacy of those who came to Edmonton and became city-builders, to respect the vision of the Quarters plan, and to create an inspiring, catalytic project.

The Kitchen

KENNEDY Family Lunch was born from a small idea during a tour of the new studio we were set to move into. The countertop wasn’t installed, there were no appliances, not even a table. But we saw and felt something that day that created a connection we didn’t know existed.

As co-workers, we often start out as strangers; then something happens to make us more: a moment, a common interest, something starts to connect the dots.

For us, a weekly Family Lunch has become a large part of that connection.


We cook together.



We cook for each other.



We eat together.



We share, we laugh, we CONNECT.

We started as coworkers. But we have become so much more: FAMILY.


"Kitchens are made to bring families together." -Unknown


- Carrie Purcell