Create With Us

Every Monday morning we have a staff meeting that begins with a game called “Who Am I”. Ten facts about an unidentified staff member are read aloud by our Principal, Brad Kennedy, and we all try to guess who he’s talking about. We thought we would introduce our blog in the same format.

Who Are We?

Our website homepage and Instagram profile are galleries of photos we’ve taken of places that inspire us.

We cook lunch for each other every Thursday.

At the end of every Friday we unwind together over board games and a few beers.

We have a living wall and over 500 plants throughout the office.

Our staff are curious adventurers, coming from a rich variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.

There are small, wooden mannequins posed and hidden all around the office.

We have 4 Senior Specialists with over 150 combined years of experience.

We learn from each other through weekly forums about everything from international architectural trends to making ships in a bottle.

We push the limits to deliver the unprecedented and unexpected.

We are Architects, Interior Designers, Industrial Designers, and Urban Planners.

We are KENNEDY. Create with us.