Edmonton's 80 Storey Tower Approved

We are honoured and thrilled to announce that Alldritt Land Corporation's 80 Storey Tower was approved by Edmonton City Council last week at public hearing. 

A dedication to the first settlers and all those from around the world who chose Edmonton to make their mark, the directive of this project from the beginning was to design an iconic tower honouring the legacy of those who came to Edmonton and became city-builders, to respect the vision of the Quarters plan, and to create an inspiring, catalytic project.

The tower and surrounding spaces will embrace the natural and historic features of the area, presenting a rare opportunity to use historic bricks that have been collected and saved over decades by the Alldritt Group. The central core, housing the elevators and stairs, and the elevator lobby of each floor will be clad in these bricks as a constant reminder of the history of the site and a way of complementing one of the last historic Edmonton streets.

The podium levels will have transparency to avoid disrupting sightlines from Jasper Avenue to the River Valley. Pedestrians walking along Jasper Avenue will see into and through the base of the tower and the terraced bank improves public access points, the architecture drawing from the natural sculpting power of a river as it carves away at the bank. The entire site will consist of a pedestrian-friendly network, with vehicle parking being located in underground parking levels. Barrier-free design with wheelchair-friendly ramps ensure ease of access to all terrace levels and the river valley for those with limited mobility.

The terraces and park spaces are being designed as gathering places for patrons and public of all ages to attend events or relax and connect after a day of activity in the river valley. The first development in Edmonton to incorporate the recently developed Winter Design Guidelines in their entirety, sunlight is maximized all over the south-facing site and will use a blend of creative and architectural lighting to support way-finding and pedestrian safety in low-light conditions. Lighting will also be sensitively designed to respect the proximity to the river valley and avoid disturbing the natural environment.

The site has many challenges including a steep slope, environmental contamination, and isolation from the river valley by a retaining wall and surrounding major roads. As part of our due diligence, we engaged and took advisement from extensive technical studies including traffic and parking impact studies, infrastructure servicing and drainage studies, environmental, ecological and remediation studies, geotechnical and slope stability analysis, all performed by firms who understand and have a track record of professional responsibility. Their findings have all confirmed that development of this nature is feasible on this site.

For more information about the project and for regular updates visit talltoweredmonton.com.