Northern Exposure

How should a liveable winter city be? This is the central question invited speakers will seek to answer at the International Winter Cities Symposium in Erzurum, Turkey this February, where I will have the opportunity to showcase urban planning efforts in Edmonton and feature architectural design by our very own KENNEDY team. 

Although northern cities share many commonalities with cities everywhere, they should strive to express their regional character and acknowledge our northern conditions; severe frost, wind, snow, darkness and prolonged cold temperatures.

This presentation will start with international adages about winter, followed by how traditional attitudes toward winter has impacted urban form in cities that reject winter, and those that embrace it. Lastly, we will look at winter design strategies in a few cities at different latitudes. 

Aside from the conference, I am looking forward to exploring beautiful Istanbul before the conference begins, and the opportunity to visit Ataturk University and Palandöken Mountain.

Check out the main themes on the conference website:

To view information on the Winter City Strategy and Winter Design Guidelines at the City of Edmonton:

- Nola Kilmartin