Concrete Cat - Designer Profile

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Concrete Cat is comprised of Matt Heide, Shawna Heide, Nathan Armstrong, Amanda Nogier, and Kaiqiao Chen. Based in Edmonton, the studio produces custom concrete objects, art, countertops, and anything else that a client may desire.

Concrete Cat is extremely experimental, and has produced some very unique products including a concrete baseball bat, custom concrete wall tiles and concrete paintings. The studio also experiments with custom colour mixes to produce different visual effects in the concrete.

Their work continues to gain popularity with notable projects such as the new PCL reception desk (designed by Manasc Isaac Architects) and a custom coffee table for ATB Financial (designed by Fat Crow Design).

Concrete Cat’s work is now carried in Edmonton, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin. Their full portfolio is available on their website:

- Mike Buss