The Heart : Our People

KENNEDY’s DNA is about supporting individual growth. We embrace a team culture centred on respect, ingenuity, and constant learning. While skill, talent, and expertise are the standard, character is what sets our people apart.

A practice of mentorship is fostered where asking questions and sharing knowledge is celebrated. Our people have an innate desire and natural ability to seek out challenges, collaborate when finding solutions, and contribute to positive growth.

We have many examples of how this culture is practically engaged. Recently, we have identified a group: senior in knowledge and unique in their areas of expertise.

Our plan: have them infuse their 150 years of combined knowledge into every project moving through the firm and leave their imprint on every member of our team. 

As you can see, this hands on approach makes an impression with staff and leads to an anything-is-possible attitude. 

Their title: Senior Specialists | Their job description: Leave a Legacy