The Name Is Kennedy...The Identity Is Our Team!

As we start a new year, I wanted to share with you a new chapter in our firm’s evolving story.  

We are growing and experiencing exciting new opportunities. Last month, as you already know, we changed our name from Brinsmead Kennedy Architecture to KENNEDY. After sharing a partnership for the past 11 years, Fraser Brinsmead is now pursuing new interests in his life yet he remains an active member of our team.

Our KENNEDY family is comprised of more than 50 incredible individuals whom I have the privilege of working with everyday. They love to solve complex problems, they inspire one another, and they are continually improving their craft. I feel honoured to share my time with a group of overachievers whose passion and commitment is exemplified on a daily basis. We refer to this as inspired ingenuity; it’s a passionate focus combined with a deep skill set. I am often told by clients that this is what sets us apart and keeps them coming back project after project.

KENNEDY remains committed to the core values that have brought us to this point. Values unchanged, we are expanding and bringing greater depth to our expertise and range of capabilities; all this with a goal of better servicing our clients’ needs.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks. 

Brad Kennedy