2.0 Starting a new Drawing

begin a new drawing:

launch Autocad Version 2017 or 2018.
Under File select new drawing.
Select Template: Kennedy 2017.dwt

Old Drawings: 

If you have an Autocad drawing from an older version of Autocad, it may have a large file size, contain multiple text, layers, dim styles etc.
It is strongly encouraged to “clean” the drawing before bringing it into the new template.

Move all linework to layer 0. Purge and audit drawing until all old layers, dims, text styles are removed.
This can be an onerous task but it will benefit the project at the later stages for graphics and consistency.
If possible, copy in the linework only on one layer to the new template. Bringing in any text or
dimensions will bring in old styles and contribute to corrupting the new file. Then update the linework into
the new layering system.

The standard Kennedy title blocks are in the below folder location.

S:\Autocad 2017\TITLE BLOCKS
Insert the title block in paperspace at 0,0,0. Double click on the title block to edit the attribute text for the title block. Do not explode the title block.